Commercial Litigation

Knowledgeable attorney handling Business Disputes, Drafting of Contracts, Breach of Contract Claims, Client to Business Legal Issues, Business to Business Legal Issues and more in Florida!

When everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish is threatened by a business dispute, you need the expert advice of an experienced attorney! At Hov Law, we help business owners like yourself throughout the state of Florida resolve issues or disagreements ranging from the very simple to the very complex for businesses of all sizes. We understand what’s on the line for you and we are ready to work for you and your company— whether it’s helping you negotiate the dispute or fighting fiercely on your behalf through litigation.

Business Disputes

Many business disputes stem from conflicts or disagreements over business agreements and contracts. Allow us to help you draft that employment contract, partnership agreement, sales contract or other business agreement in clear and easy to understand language so that all parties understand their legal obligations from the start.

Let us help get your business off on the right foot by drafting legally sound documents for you, strategically structuring business transactions on your behalf, and effectively negotiating for you or defending you individually and the good name of your business!

  • Business Disputes
  • Drafting of Contracts
  • Breach of Contract Claims
  • Client to Business Legal Issues
  • Business to Business Legal Issues

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Types of Commercial Litigation Matters We Handle

The smallest legal issue, if left unchecked, can disrupt even the most successful business. At our firm, we aim to prevent business disputes before they can become big problems. Some of the commercial litigation matters we typically handle include:


Business Disputes

Many business disputes stem from minor conflicts or disagreements over legal agreements or contracts. Sometimes it’s just a matter of clarification. Consult with an experienced commercial litigation attorney to get some sound legal advice now, before the issue becomes a bigger one.

Contract Drafting

We can draft any type of legal document or contract which you or your business needs. From simple employment contracts to the most complex business deal and everything in between, allow us to create, review or revise your legal document or contract and enjoy peace of mind knowing you and your interests are fully protected.

Breach of
Contract Claims

If you believe you may have breached the terms of your contract, or you believe your adversary may have, you will most certainly need the advice of an experienced business law attorney.

Client to Business
Legal Problems

Are you personally having difficulty with a business agreement? Save the headache, time and money by speaking with an experienced attorney who can efficiently review the circumstances for you and provide guidance.

Business to Business Legal Problems

Have you found your business in the middle of a dispute, or are you trying to avoid one? The smart thing to do is to seek the advice of counsel immediately. A free consultation may be all you need!

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